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Speaking & Facilitation

Denise is a dynamic and captivating speaker who brings a great deal of emotional color to her audiences and her work.  She shows her listeners how to be playful and courageous on their way to ever greater levels of success.  She is best at facilitating a deep permission to be one's self and to show up fully in life.  Audiences leave her talks with the tools to get out of their own way and really thrive in life and in business.

Denise on Stage

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Keynote Topics

"From $6 to 6 figures: How to Leverage Your Thoughts to Leverage Your Success"

In creating a successful business, one of the most important aspects of growth is to leverage your time.  Knowing first hand how much work it is to create a highly profitable business one customer and one sale at a time, Denise shares colorful stories from her carnival face painting business and extremely valuable tools and insights to help her audiences master the mindset shifts needed to scale their own businesses and be more visible.

  • Learn the #1 secret to getting unstuck in your business and letting it grow.
  • Are you worried about what growth will mean for your lifestyle? Denise will show you a proven system for making it easy to bring on the best team to support you so that you actually have more time as you grow.
  • 5 steps to turning doubt and overwhelm in to ease and grace.
  • Did you know that the conscious mind only accounts for 5% of our total brain power?  You will leave this talk with the clear steps to how to utilize that other 95% to get things done fast!
  • And... you will learn how to harness the power of your subconscious mind anytime, anywhere.

"Get Out of Your Own Way and Take Bold Action!"

"Learn the secrets of getting out there and getting things done" (even the things you have been avoiding!)

"Step Right Up Don't Be Shy: Mastering the Inner Game of Visibility"

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Facilitated Activities

Face Your Success: A lesson in Team Building and Creative Connection

In this very unique 45 minute activity, Denise will provide an extremely engaging face painting lesson to your group. They learn to get out of their heads and connect to each other in a whole new way.

How to take imperfect action is one of the huge takeaways from this activity in addition to large amounts of fun! On the way to success, we absolutely have to connect to others, be creative and not take ourselves too seriously.

This activity gives audiences an experience of all of these things and more. They also learn how to deal with mistakes in a supportive and creative way. This activity brings a huge amount of learning and joy in to any environment.

"One of the best group activities we have ever participated in!"
-Bill Baren Coaching

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To bring Denise to speak to your group or organization or to facilitate an amazing activity, please email denise@boldlifedesign.com or call 530-416-1304.